From the yellow poplars in the Corneja Valley to the white coasts in the Perfidious Albion.

From the yellow poplars in the Corneja Valley to the white coasts in the Perfidious Albion.


Sea bird view. Dover Cliffs were there brightly white as ever. BA Flight 425 was just to land a few minutes later at Heathrow airport. A column of hundreds of planes were right and left; some landing others taking off every instant as if they were astonished, bounded swans around a humid large pool in the Serengeti plain in an African early evening. The serpent of the river Thames crossing London looked like a light brown skin of trouble, shallow waters. There we were, back other things remained not to be mentioned. Good therapy forgiveness is . everything OK... just till now, a mystery from now on.

Epping far away, beyond the map, in Essex. The hotel quite good, welcome to Delhi. Apu-plus taking advantage, kind calm for now, don't worry. Rooms distribution, a hurray for pupils and teachers, everything in control, tomorrow we'll be saluted by a brand new day in London, no more, no less.

The tube, oh god! What a marvellous trip! Every seats for us, nobody there...for now. British museum impressive; ancient cultures, Ur Gates, Babylon, Greece, Rome. Blues everywhere ... "tell the Old Faroe". Mummies in their wooden cage, really dramatic. Rosetta looked sadly splendid with her secret revealed. ... "Soldiers, two thousand years gazed at you". Syracuse, Epheso, oh Lord! How many pictures, we had just arrived at the Virgin Goddess Temple of temples. The Parthenon, Classic Athens alive. The Caryatides only speaking to the most initiated of our privileged pals. No comment. It will be for ever.

Up and down London. So many things. Parliament, The Tower of London, Piccadilly, London Bridge. Where is my bag? New clothes then would arrive. My IC and wallet were in my bag. What must we do now? Taxi, Epping tube station, please. Taxi, Essex Police Station, please. Taxi, Spanish Consulate, please. The bus arrived to take us to the airport. Traffic jam... on and on in touch bus and taxi. Celulars all right, in the end nothing especial happened. A log jackknife inside the locked bag. Teachers keeping custom, Madrid at last, as usual.


A.A. López



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Jordan Flipsyde -

The most glorious moment in your life are not the so-called days of success, but rather those days when out of dejection and despair you feel rise in you a challenge to life, and the promise of future accomplishment.

chema -


The violent in the football is usual both in the field and in the stand.
The children see the football and see the violent and they insult and attack their teachers the same that in the television.


In Spain more immigrants coexist. The immigrants are the different ethnic group and religion, Muslim, Jewish, Indian and Christianity. The immigrants are the several places.
A 10% the population are immigrants. The most of the immigrants are Africans that come too look up work and political reason.
The population that work in the countryside are immigrants. Spain is a country whit more immigrants. Spain is multicultural because is side the Africa and have that pass the frontier between Africa and Spain. Someone immigrants doesn’t adapt at Spain and they bring this cultures and religions, this cultures are different at our culture Spanish.

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Multicultural Spain