1º BACHILLERATO. Reading for the first Term

1º BACHILLERATO. Reading for the first Term


1. In Trafalgar Square, on New Year’s Eve,Antonio and Pablo couldn’t hear Big Benbecause

a. the people were dancing to Caribbeanmusic.

b. there was too much noise.

c. Trafalgar Square is very very far awayfrom Big Ben.

2. In Oxford, it’s a tradition for students

a. to have fights with the townspeople.

b. to perform in the streets.

c. to see the sunrise on May Morning.

3. Gareth invited Antonio to come to Wales because

a. he was getting married.

b. he wanted Antonio to meet his cousin,Angharad.

c. he wanted to take Antonio to the RoyalNational Eisteddfod.

4. Antonio went to Cornwall because

a. he wanted to read stories about KingArthur.

b. Angharad had told him to go there.

c. he wanted to write an article for acompetition.

5. In Manchester, Louise and Antonio waited ina queue to

a. get into a nightclub.

b. see David Beckham, the football player.

c. see Manchester United play Liverpool.

6. The Highland Games in Scotland are

a. held every year during Hogmanay.

b. a competition of traditional Scottishsports.

c. cancelled if it rains.

A. Choose the correct answer.

B. Choose the correct answer.

Antonio and his friend, Mark, (1. were sitting / sat) in a bar in Madrid when Mark said that Antonio should write about his (2. performances / experiences) in Britain. Antonio starts the book by telling us that recently, he (3. took / has taken) his friend, Pablo, to see London and Pablo wasn’t (4. exciting /disappointed) in what he saw. In York, Antonio went to the Jorvik Viking Centre, and he(5. is believing / believes) that there should be more (6. exhibitions / festivals) like that one to teachpeople about history. In Oxford, after the May Ball, Antonio (7. wouldn’t / couldn’t) understand why people were jumping into the river in their expensive clothes. A dream came true when Antonio had a drive in Nicola’s father’s old Bentley and this (8. reminded / appreciated) him of a film he had seen when he was a child.In Wales, Antonio met Angharad, Gareth’s cousin. He (9. obviously / immediately) fell in love with her and they were together for the rest of Antonio’s (10. stay / event) in Wales. In Cornwall, Antonio was impressed by the beautiful (11. coal / scenery) and there he learned all about Cornwall’s myths andlegends. In Manchester, he (12. actually / occasionally) saw David Beckham, the famous footballer,and went to a football match at Old Trafford stadium.Antonio visited his friend, Martin, in Edinburgh and then they spent (13. much / a few) days in the North of Scotland. Antonio (14. even / amongst) tried eating some haggis!Antonio ends the book by telling us that if we travel with an open mind, we will always take somespecial (15. patterns / memories) home with us.

30 points (5 points each)

45 points (3 points each)

25 points

C. Choose one topic and write a paragraph. Your paragraph should be at least 60 words long.1. If you were going to Britain, which place mentioned in the book would you like to visit and why?

2. What are your impressions of Antonio? Give reasons for your opinions.3. Choose one of Antonio’s friends and say how they met and became friendly. Describe therelationship.

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Mario Gonzalez Gil -

Exercise 1

1 - B
2 - C
3 - A
4 - C
5 - A
6 - B

Exercise 2

1 - Were sitting
2 - Experiences
3 - Took
4 - Exciting
5 - Believes
6 - Festivals
7 - Couldn´t
8 - Reminded
9 - Immediately
10 - Stay
11 - Scenery
12 - Occasionally
13 - A few
14 - Amongst
15 - Memories

Exercise 3

I don´t like England and I don´t want to travel there. However, if I can travel to London, I want to visit some places there. There are many incredible places in London, for example the Big Ben, the Westminster Palace, the London Eye or the Tower Bridge. My favorite is the London Eye, a very big Ferris Wheel near the Tamesis.

Christian Rubio Hernandez -

Ejercicio 1:

Ejercicio 2:
1.were sitting
13.a few
15 memories

Ejercicio 3:
I'd like to visit London because I consider it a beautiful city and one of the best cities in Europe and the world
I'd like to visit Stamford Bridge, the stadium of chelsea because I like this team and I'm passionate about football.
Also I'd like to visit the Big Ben and see the big clock with my family, but even if I had time would visit Buckingham Palace

Carlos Prado Hernández -

Exercise 1: 1.b, 2.c, 3.a, 4.c, 5.a, 6.b.

Exercise 2: 1. were sitting, 2.experiences, 3.took, 4.exciting, 5.believes, 6.festivals, 7.couldn’t, 8.reminded, 9.immediately, 10. stay, 11.scenery, 12.occasionally, 13.a few, 14. amongst, 15. Memories

Exercise 3: If I was going to England I would like to go to Oxford, since I am interested in his big and prestigious university. I am delighted that there is a rainy climate, also in Oxford there lived many authors of literary important works, but the principal motive for the one that would go would be to learn better the language.

Exercise 4: Antonio is a Spanish boy, Antonio is a boy that he likes to travel very much and seems to be very friendly, he likes travelling to know very much languages and cultures.

Exercise 5: Pablo and Antonio have a great relationship throughout the book,The reason of his good relation is that they met in Spain a few years before meeting again, then they decided to make the together 2 a trip.

Albano de matias sánchez -

Ejercicio 1:


Ejercicio 2:

1.werw sitting, 2.experiences, 3. took, 4.exciting, 5. believes, 6.festivals,, 7. couldn't, 8.reminded, 9.immediately, 10. stay, 11.scenary, 12.occasionally, 13. a few, 14. amongst, 15. memories

Ejercicio 3:

In the book, many places are mentioned along the story: London, York, Oxford, Cardiff, Cornwall, Manchester, Edinburgh, Scotland... I'd like to go to any of this places but mostly I'd like to go to Edinburgh because it is a city where you can see many things:You can visit Edinbourgh castle that dominates the city from a great rock of volcanic origin, or you can visit the hills of Carlton hill called with that name, because this lands belonged to baron Carlton, you can also visit Charlotte Square near to Princes Street, the largest and most lively Street in Edinbourgh and you can even visit the Greyfriars cementery if you haven't afraid because one of the attractions of Edinbourgh are the cementeries.

Alicia Hernández Izquierdo -

A) 1.B 2.C 3.A 4.C 5.A 6.B

B) 1.were sitting 2.Experiences 3.Took 4.Exciting 5.Believes 6.Festivals 7.Couldn't 8.Reminded 9.Inmediately 10.Stay 11.Scenery 12.Occasionally 13.A few 14.Amongst 15.Memories

C)1.If I went to Britain, I’d like to visit London, Manchester and Oxford.
I’d like to visit London because it seems an interesting city. The most interesting things that I would like to visit would be “The London eye”,” The Big Ben” and “The Tower Bridge”.
Furthermore, I’d like to go to Manchester and visiting Old Trafford, because I think it’s an exciting football stadium. Also, I would visit China Town.
In Oxford, I’d visit its university because it’s one of the most knowm in the world.
2.Antonio is a Spanish boy. He loves traveling around The United Kingdom. I think he's a very friendly boy because he makes friends everywhere. I also think Antonio is a responsible and studious person.
3.One of his best friends is Pablo. He is Spanish and he didn’t know Antonio at the UK. He knew Antonio a few years ago in Spain. Pablo had never visited England so, one day, he decided to visit London with his friend.
Throughout the story, they have a good relationship.

Isabel Rodríguez Blázquez -

Ejercicio 1:

Ejercicio 2:
1.Were sitting
13.A few

Last summer, I went to England with my family. There, I visited London and Manchester but I´d like to come back it again. In fact, I´d like living in London because I think it´s a beautiful city where you can see several places, for example, the Big Ben or London Eye. In addition, if I have the opportunity to go to England again, I´d visited Oxford because I have never been there and I love travelling around the world and visit new places.

Jonatan Martin -

1. b, 2.c, 3.a, 4.c, 5.a, 6.b.

1. were sitting, 2.experiences, 3.took, 4.exciting, 5.believes, 6.festivals, 7.couldn’t, 8.reminded, 9.immediately, 10. stay, 11.scenery, 12.occasionally, 13.a few, 14. amongst, 15. Memories

C. If I go to England I would go to Manchester for I can go to visit the stadium Old Trafford, Manchester cathedral and Chinatown, also located in Manchester.
Manchester is the city that I like of United Kingdom because in addition to having one of the best football fields (Old Trafford), is also the city that has more nightlife, being uk´s city with more pubs than any other.

D. Antonio is a Spanish young man, his father is American and he spent a long time in United States. He has studied in Salamanca University, and met some foreign students there who he likes to visit in Britain. I think that he is a guy that he loves travel and meet new cities and cultures.

2.One of the best friends of Antonio is Pablo, an old Spanish friend of Antonio. Both they used to go to pubs for a drink and go for tapas and both loved United Kingdom.
On New Year's Eve, Antonio and Paul went to Trafalgar Square (located in London) and they go to hear the bells, but they don’t could because there were a lot of people. Antonio visited London with Pablo, both were in a hotel. Pablo and Antonio have a great relationship throughout the book

Sergio Martin -

Ejercicio A:
1: B
2: A
3: A
4: C
5: A
6: B

Ejercicio B:
1: were sitting
2: experiences
3: Took
4: disappointed
5: believes
6: festivals
8: reminded
9: immediately
10: event
11: scenery
12: actually
13: a few
14: even
15: memories

Aitor Quilez -

1. b, 2.c, 3.a, 4.c, 5.a, 6.b.

1. were sitting, 2.experiences, 3.took, 4.exciting, 5.believes, 6.exhibitions, 7.couldn’t, 8.reminded, 9.immediately, 10. stay, 11.scenery, 12.occasionally, 13.a few, 14. amongst, 15. memories.

In the Britain I really like to visit all places, would start in London, visiting all the museums to know their history, then I know very well the country but would go to Oxford or Manchester one of those places, on the other hand I do it if I enough time.

Antonio is young Spanish person are travelling much, He travelled all over Britain y and has meet many people at his trips.

Ismael Puras Pato -

¿Esto para cuándo hay que hacerlo?