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Aitor Teradillos Bocanegra -


3cups of chickpeas
1 pig ear
250 gr beef meat
250 gr chicken
250 gr pork fat
1 jam bone
250 gr noodles

Put the chickpeas in water twelve hours before. Put in a pressure cooker the chickpeas, the pig ear, the meat, the chicken, the pork fat and the jam bone. Full the pressure cooker with water and put salt. Close the peressure cooker and cook it durin one hour. Whwen it is ready, boil the noodles in the stock.

Aitor Terradillos Bocanegra -

Ejercicio 8 pag 35:
1.- What´s the name of your club and whereis it?
Big Stond Sport Club and it´s in Las Casillas de Chicapierna.
2.- Why is the best? Because there you can do healthy rural sports in the fresh air.
Who goes there? Champios in lifting stoned and runners.
3.- What has the club got? The club has got two stoneyards and two hills the cantaras.
4.- How can people spend their time at the club? They can partiques a new sport climbing oaks and doing sheep races.
5.- What specialist are there? There are specialists in running at fresh air and there are two specialists in surgery one forbing horses and another for plstic big ears.
6.- How do people feel when they leave? People feel quite well, they live the club because they feel new people.

Jeny y Sandra -

Last summer my family and I went to Miami, Florida tor a holiday. On the first day we went...
sailing on a boat. while we were sailing a wave got us wet. Afterwards we went to the house and a storm started.

B_Excuse me. I´m looking for the cinema. can I help me?
A_ no I´m sorry
B_ Can I help me? I looking for the cinema
H_Oh, yes! you will find the cinema in front of that library.
B_ Oh thanks!

Elvira y Lourdes -

My family and my go to know eat and drink.We loking a tornado and in the tv.

Santiago y Javi P. -

Exercise 6 page 21.
Last week We are in Hawai on holidays. We are on the beach when the volcano Machucacho erupted. We went out running to the sea because the lava and the gas were fallowing us. When the lava stoping everything was a cheat.

Isabel Prieto Camporbín -

Ej: 6
In Avril 2006, I went to the beach, with my father and my sister. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful day.
My sister was playing with the sand and my father was sitting on a balcony reading.
Suddenly, the water flooded the beach and the hotel. The people were running in every direction.
Ej: 8
Sara: Excuse me. Can you help me? I`m looking for the Faro Ridinn Center.
I: Yes, hav you got a map?
Sara: Yes, here
I: OK. At the moment we´re here. The faro is a bus at 18 from station.
Sara: Great, Thanks. And where´s the Acuarium?
I: The aquarium is a 10 minutes walk from main square, and you can play tennis in the sunshine.
Sara: OK. Thaks very much
I: You´re welcome

Tania Blázquez Blázquez -

Exercise 8

Tania Excuse me. I´m looding for the Acuarium. Can you help me?
Woman Yes, have you got a map?
Tania Yes, here.
Woman OK. At the moment we´re here. The Acuarium is between the beach and the school.
Tania Great. Thanks.

Javi J y Blanca -

Last winter, my family and me were there a skii in the Alpes, suddenly the avalanche buried a person.
We asked for help
and the helicopter went to the mountain.

Ex 8.
A-Excuse me. I´m looking for the palace.
A-Can you help me?
B-Look at the map.
B-We´re here, and the palace it´s in front of the swimming pool.
A-Great!!!thanks... but... where is the church?
B-The church is in the square.
A-OK. It´s fantastic!!!
B-And other chosse?
A-No, thanks very much.

jenifer Diaz Cardenas -

a-Excuse me.I´m looking for the park
a-Can you help me?
b-Yes, Have you a map?
a-yes, here it is the moment we're here
b-The park is near the school
a-Great thanks. And where´s the best place to play
b-in front of the river
a-ok,thanks very much
b-you´re welcome

Tania Blázquez Blázquez -

Exercise 6

Last summer my family and I went to Miami, Florida for holiday. On the first day we went...
to a beach. We got on a boat, and went in to the sea. Suddenly, it started a stormy weather. While we wear crying my mam felt a little scared. My sister fell in to the water. When he left we went home and not returned there ever.

Pilar Elena Sáchez -

Exercice 6:
Last summer, my family and I went to the beach, suddenly when I went into the water a big wave came to me and I ran to the hotel with my family.
We saw the disaster from there. And everything was quiet.

Lidia Álvarez Hernández -

Exercice 6:

Last summer when I went to my family on the beach a mysterius history happened,one shark came near the sand. Suddenly people ran to the harbour and later the police arrived and people were reassured. Everything was quiet.

Ana Cristina Hernando González -

A- Excuse me.I´m loking for the Aquarium.
B- Can you help me?
A- Yes, have you got a map?
B- Yes, here.
A- OK. At the moment we are here.
B- The Aquarium is in front of the beach.
A- Great. Thanks. And where is the best place to see dolphins, and sharks.
B- In front of the beach, in this Aquarium.
A- Is that far from here?
B- It´s about 10 minutes walk from main Square.
A- OK. Thank very much.
B- You´are welcome.

Elena Bueno Aparicio/3ºA -


Sara.- Excuse me. I´m looking for the horse riding at the Faro Riding Center. Can you help me?
Max.- Yes, have you got a map?
S.-Yes, here.
M.-ok. We´re here. The Horse Riding Centen is between the beach at the Supermarket.
S.-Great!Thanks. And is that far from here?
M.- NO, it´s about 10 minutes for bus number 18.
S.-Ok. Tanks. And where´s the museum of earthqueakes in Portugal?
M.-Near the beach.It´s a better museum, you can see dolphins.
S.-anda is thar far from here?
M.-It´s about 15 minutes by number 12.
S.- ok. Tahnks very much.+
m.- You´re welcome

Aitor Terradillos Bocanegra -

Ex. 6:
It was summer my friends and I were in the swimming pool, suddenly the sky was black and tehre were a lot of clouds, we thought to run to house but it began to rain a lot an we had to went into the umbrella.
Ex. 8:
A.- Please, how can Igo to the Faro Riding Centre?
B.,- You have to take bus 18 from the station.
A.- How far is it?
B.- About ten minutes.
A.- And, where can I see dolphins and sharks?
B.- At the Aquarium. It´s ten minutes walkin from main Square.
A.- What other activities can I do?
B.- You can learn about the History of earthquakes in Portugal, at the museum.
A.- And, how can I go?
B.- By bus 12 from station, about fifteen minutes.
B.- And so you can play tennis in the sunshine at the Foro Tennis Club.
A.- And, how please?
B.- By taxi from the station. It´s about 20 minutes.
A.- Thank you very much. Good-bye.
B.- Good-bye
Aitor Terradillos Bocanegra