Redacción Laura Blázquez

Now, I’m imagining that in ten years old I will be a business person(wovery important.

I would (need words)want invest in a Nissan’s cars factory. (wo)Always it had been my dream.

Invest in a factory is a good investment because (wo)always somebody need a car.

 Persons pass the car’s carnet want (English words needed)a vehicle to drive, because(op) for they,is an illusion start to drive the first times.

On the other hand, Nissan’s vehicles, for me, are the best in the market.

The creators are very creatives.(woAlways take all new models very interesting.

I trust(inf.Regimein be a bussiness person in the future.


WO.- word order

nd.- you need words or these used are not realy English

op.- an object pronoun needed

inf. regime.- you need "to" and the verb "become" for that kind of expresion.

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