Two years ago, in February 2009, my parents and we thought that this year’s summer vacation could happen in London, UK, and see the city and the famous Tower of London.

In July, we had good weather and When onholidays we went to see the Tower of London.
When we got to London we saw that the weather was not very good, it was late and we were tired so we got to the hotel and crash.?
Next day  a bright sun was shining and it was a good temperature so we went to see the Tower of London.



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Laura Pato Calle -

Last year in November, I went with my mother and my father to London. We came to London at seven p.m. in the evening. We stayed at the Hotel Hamlet UK, which is near the Tower of London. The next morning, after breakfast, we went to visit the center of London. The next day, we visited the British Museum and Natural History Museum. It was very interesting. Then, we visited the Museum of London Docklands and Wallace Collection. Another day, we went shopping in Oxford Street, which is where the best shops in London. The last day, we went to visit the Tower of London. We did a tour with the Yeoman Warders, who are the guardians of the tower. Tower told us that he had 900 years of history as royal palace and fortress, prison and place of execution, mint, arsenal, menagerie and "jewel house .
Then we went had dinner at a restaurant and the next morning we went to the airport to return to Spain.