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Now, I’m imagining that in ten years old I will be a business person(wovery important.

I would (need words)want invest in a Nissan’s cars factory. (wo)Always it had been my dream.

Invest in a factory is a good investment because (wo)always somebody need a car.

 Persons pass the car’s carnet want (English words needed)a vehicle to drive, because(op) for they,is an illusion start to drive the first times.

On the other hand, Nissan’s vehicles, for me, are the best in the market.

The creators are very creatives.(woAlways take all new models very interesting.

I trust(inf.Regimein be a bussiness person in the future.


WO.- word order

nd.- you need words or these used are not realy English

op.- an object pronoun needed

inf. regime.- you need "to" and the verb "become" for that kind of expresion.

VisitING London

Four years ago, My friend Carlos and I decided go to visit London for five days. We never had BEEN TO London and we WERE very excited.

We arrived IN London at 7:00 AM, we went to OUR hotel and we slepT FOR two hours AND later we went to visit the tower of London " that’s incredible" I said after we went OUT FOR dinner AT the most famous restaurant IN London. The second day we visited Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea STADIUM AND THEN we went to buy souvenirs and AGAIN BACK to THE hotel.

Next morning we went to visited the London MUseum.  We SPENT THE WHOLE day THERE AND there the most important Pharaohs’ tombs WAS.

The last day we went to the London Internacional Airport to returned to Spain.

Two years ago, in February 2009, my parents and we thought that this year’s summer vacation could happen in London, UK, and see the city and the famous Tower of London.

In July, we had good weather and When onholidays we went to see the Tower of London.
When we got to London we saw that the weather was not very good, it was late and we were tired so we got to the hotel and crash.?
Next day  a bright sun was shining and it was a good temperature so we went to see the Tower of London.



Tower of London

Last year, I decided fly to London for a week. I always wanted to visit this city, museums, streets, people and important places like the London Eye, Westminster Palace, the Royal Botanic GardensKew and most important, The Tower of London.

When I arrived at the hotel it was raining, but I was so excited to see the Tower of London and I took my umbrella and walked out.
The Tower of London is a castle by the river Thames, in the center of London. It is a collection of towers and chapels. I was impressed, it is Beautiful. One woman told me that there they had killed people, and the Queen Elizabeth I, before being queen,was retained in the tower. In the next days I went to London Eye,and  saw all the city from above, It was amazing. I also visited the Royal Botanic Gardens and found it wonderful.

The day came back to Spain, I told myself I would return to London, alone or accompanied. It was really fantastic.

Tower of London

 Last summer I went with my parents and my sister on a trip to London. When we decided to rest at the hotel and visit London the next day.
Next morning, the weather was sunny and our visit places are going to be World Heritage: the settlement of Greenwich, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, and the place covered by the Palace ofWestminster, Westminster Abbey and Saint Margaret’s Church and, finally, we arrived at the tower of London which was very large and very nice. They told us that it is officially the Royal Palace and Fortress of His Majesty. It is a historic castle north of the river Themes in central London. It was built by William the Conqueror 1078 and the castle was used as a prison, the Tower the collection of gems and diamonds. We really liked our visit to London and hope to visit it again because it is very nice.


Last july, my cousins, my sister and I went to visit London FOR A WEEK. We always wanted to go to visit the famous Tower of London and the Big Ben (London Eye).

The weather was very Awfull and it was always raining. We stayed in a very good hotel.

When the time was sunny,  we were able to visited the Tower of London.

Situated PLACED in central London just a stones throw from the River Thames, the Tower of London is the one of the city’s premier attractions.

The tower of London is one of the world’s most famous fortresses and has seen service as royal palace, prison, armoury and even a zoo. This fortress was expanded by many medieval kings and is a grand structure used by Royals through the years as a refuge and powerbase. The White Tower is the huge and beautiful stone building in the middle of the sight.

We learned that the Tower was built by William the Conquerer in the early 1080s. One of the main reasons to visit the Tower is to see the working collection of Crown Jewels.
And also we learned a lot of stories about the tower that happened in the past, for example the history of animals escaped.

This travel was fantastic! I hope come back to London.

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THE Tower of London

One year ago, I went with four friends on a school trip to London. Before that, we bought a travel guide. We had a lot of travel expenses so we decided TO go to a youth hostel.

We checked in at a nice youth hostel where there were many young people. One day we went to visit the Tower of London where the police arrested me because I forgot my backpack at the entrance and they thought it was a bomb, but everything was solved LATER. While we were watching the Towel, Lucy, a girl we met at the youth hostel came and told us the story of the Tower of London. She said that in the past many people lost their heads there and there was ALSO a zoo with exotic animals. We saw inside the Tower the collection of gems and diamonds.

The next days, we visited Big Ben, Liverpool’s Stadium and  Buckingham Palace. I enjoyed my trip VERY MUCH because the weather was sunny and we met A LOT OF new friends.  

The tower of London

Last year, my best friend John and I went to London TO visit the TOWER. We had always dreamed to visit IT and see the working collection of Crown Jewel, so when  we had SOME money, we caught a  plane to London. We expected to go immediately to CENTRAL London.

The travel was of four hours. By the time we arrived, it was quite awful. As soon as we saw one hotel, we went into it. During the night, It was raining again.

In the morning, that´s when the rain had stopped. Then we went to the TOWER of London. When we ARRIVE THERE, we were surprised with 23,578 gems in the collection. It was fantastic, there were many gems, we loved the TOWER. THE REST OF THE days, we went TO SEVERAL different places  IN London.

EACH place WE VISITED WAS very wonderful but the best ONE was the TOWER. HOWEVER, Although the time was awful, the experience in London was great.

Miguel Ángel Puras Pato



Tower of London: In June, last summer, my family and I went sightseeing to United Kingdom because we always wanted to go to visit the famous Tower of London, so when we both had a free day, we caught an underground in Tower Hill Station. We were really looking forward to arrive the day.

The day took hours. By the time we arrived, there was cloudy in some way so we quickly returned to our hotel. During all the afternoon, it was raining, but then it stopped and finally, early in the morning, we were able to visited the Tower of London. We took our cameras, backpacks and a map of the city. We learned that the tower was built by William the Conquerer and was built almost 1000 years ago and also learned a lot of interesting stories about the tower that happened in the past, as for example, the history of animals escaped.

 It was a very nice interesting visit despite the weather.



Last summer, my cousin and I decided to go to visit London. We had always wanted to see the Tower of London in London, so when we both had a free month, we caught a plane to the UK. We were really looking forward for August to come.

         The first week was really strange, because we were in a different house with different people around us but, luckily, we speak English perfectly. (Later?) We stayed in a luxurious hotel with a lot of resorts. We visited the entire city in depth, except the Tower of London, that we visited the last day of our holidays.

         A couple of days before coming back home, we decided to visit the amazing Tower of London. It was really fantastic; the tower is one of the most famous prisons in British history and houses the British Monarchy’s Crown Jewels (there are 23,578 gems in the collection including one of the world’s most famous diamonds) because people of all around the world go to London to visit it.

         Our stay in London was pretty interesting and very exciting. We said that we would go back one day and now we live in London. It is extraordinary (gorgeous?), isn’t It?