T h e C l i e n t



A. Choose the correct answer.


1. Mark got out of Romey’s car after a. Romey had killed himself.

b. Romey had drunk too much whisky and fallen asleep.

c. Ricky had run home.


2. Mark told Sergeant Hardy that

a. he and Ricky had found Clifford’s body. b. they had seen Clifford shoot himself.

c. he had spoken to Clifford.


3. Trumann knew that Mark had been in

Clifford’s car because a. Mark admitted it.

b. fingerprints in the car matched Mark’s. c. Reggie gave him that information.


4. To frighten Mark into not talking, Gronke a. arranged for Dianne to lose her job.

b. told Pirini to kill Reggie.

c. threatened to kill Mark, his family and lawyer and then burned the Sways’ trailer.



5. Judge Roosevelt didn’t want Mark to answer his questions until

a. everything was organised for the Witness

Protection Programme.

b. Mark had spent one night at the detention centre.

c. Reggie agreed that he should answer.


6. Mark wanted to find out if Romey had told him the truth so that

a. Reggie could give the information to


b. he could talk to the FBI before going into the Witness Protection Programme.

c. he would know if he had to enter the

Witness Protection Programme or not.


30 points (5 points each)


B. Choose the correct answer.


If Mark Sway hadn’t agreed to show his brother Ricky how to smoke, they (1. wouldn’t have seen /

wouldn’t see) Jerome Clifford trying to kill himself. To try to stop him, Mark (2. pulled out /

locked up) the hose that was bringing gasoline fumes into the car, but Clifford saw him and pushed

him into the car. First Clifford told Mark that he was a (3. threat / lawyer) from New Orleans. Then he told him that his client Barry Muldanno, (4. who / which) was in the Mafia, was responsible for the

(5. murder / news) of a US Senator. Finally, he told Mark where Muldanno (6. has put / had put) the body. While he talked, Clifford drank a lot of whisky, and had difficulty staying (7. awake / pale).

The moment Clifford fell asleep, Mark got (8. from / out of) the car and ran home with Ricky.


Afterwards, Mark became very (9. proud / frightened) that the Mafia would kill him if he told the FBI what he knew, but fortunately, he found Reggie Love’s business card. (10. Otherwise / No longer) he might not have received the advice and help that he (11. has been needing / needed). Reggie always answered his questions quickly and (12. honestly / eventually). In addition, she always (13. reported / assured) him that she would try to protect him as much as possible. However, (14. according to / despite) this, Mark himself made the important decision to look for Boyette’s body – and showed once again how (15. mature / unfair) he was.


45 points (3 points each)


C. Choose one topic and write a paragraph. Your paragraph should be at least 60 words long.

1. Explain how Mark’s early childhood experiences influenced his behaviour throughout the story.


2. Do you agree or disagree with Mark and Dianne’s doubts about the Federal Witness Protection

Programme? Explain your answer.

3. Using examples from the story, explain why Mark and Reggie were very sad when they said goodbye to each other.


25 points




A F T E R  R E A D I N G : E X T R A  C H A L L E N G E S

T h e C l i e n t



M A K E  S T U D E N T S  T H I N K




1. Do you agree with how Mark acted after Romey’s suicide? Write a brief paragraph giving the reasons for your opinion.


2. In what way(s) did Foltrigg’s character influence his approach to the investigation into Clifford’s suicide?


3. Apart from seeing Romey shoot himself, what else do you think contributed to Ricky’s post-traumatic stress disorder?


4. Explain what Dianne was referring to when she told Mark, “We’ve been through worse things together.” (page 24)


5. List at least three reasons why the second article about Mark in the Memphis Press “shocked …

angered and frightened him”. (page 37)


6. Do you think Judge Roosevelt made the correct decision when he decided to put Mark into protective custody? Why / Why not? Explain your reasons in a brief paragraph.


7. Why do you think Mark confided more in Reggie than in his mother?