Miguel Ángel Puras Pato



Tower of London: In June, last summer, my family and I went sightseeing to United Kingdom because we always wanted to go to visit the famous Tower of London, so when we both had a free day, we caught an underground in Tower Hill Station. We were really looking forward to arrive the day.

The day took hours. By the time we arrived, there was cloudy in some way so we quickly returned to our hotel. During all the afternoon, it was raining, but then it stopped and finally, early in the morning, we were able to visited the Tower of London. We took our cameras, backpacks and a map of the city. We learned that the tower was built by William the Conquerer and was built almost 1000 years ago and also learned a lot of interesting stories about the tower that happened in the past, as for example, the history of animals escaped.

 It was a very nice interesting visit despite the weather.

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