The tower of London

Last year, my best friend John and I went to London TO visit the TOWER. We had always dreamed to visit IT and see the working collection of Crown Jewel, so when  we had SOME money, we caught a  plane to London. We expected to go immediately to CENTRAL London.

The travel was of four hours. By the time we arrived, it was quite awful. As soon as we saw one hotel, we went into it. During the night, It was raining again.

In the morning, that´s when the rain had stopped. Then we went to the TOWER of London. When we ARRIVE THERE, we were surprised with 23,578 gems in the collection. It was fantastic, there were many gems, we loved the TOWER. THE REST OF THE days, we went TO SEVERAL different places  IN London.

EACH place WE VISITED WAS very wonderful but the best ONE was the TOWER. HOWEVER, Although the time was awful, the experience in London was great.

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