Last summer, my cousin and I decided to go to visit London. We had always wanted to see the Tower of London in London, so when we both had a free month, we caught a plane to the UK. We were really looking forward for August to come.

         The first week was really strange, because we were in a different house with different people around us but, luckily, we speak English perfectly. (Later?) We stayed in a luxurious hotel with a lot of resorts. We visited the entire city in depth, except the Tower of London, that we visited the last day of our holidays.

         A couple of days before coming back home, we decided to visit the amazing Tower of London. It was really fantastic; the tower is one of the most famous prisons in British history and houses the British Monarchy’s Crown Jewels (there are 23,578 gems in the collection including one of the world’s most famous diamonds) because people of all around the world go to London to visit it.

         Our stay in London was pretty interesting and very exciting. We said that we would go back one day and now we live in London. It is extraordinary (gorgeous?), isn’t It?

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