Tower of London

Last year, I decided fly to London for a week. I always wanted to visit this city, museums, streets, people and important places like the London Eye, Westminster Palace, the Royal Botanic GardensKew and most important, The Tower of London.

When I arrived at the hotel it was raining, but I was so excited to see the Tower of London and I took my umbrella and walked out.
The Tower of London is a castle by the river Thames, in the center of London. It is a collection of towers and chapels. I was impressed, it is Beautiful. One woman told me that there they had killed people, and the Queen Elizabeth I, before being queen,was retained in the tower. In the next days I went to London Eye,and  saw all the city from above, It was amazing. I also visited the Royal Botanic Gardens and found it wonderful.

The day came back to Spain, I told myself I would return to London, alone or accompanied. It was really fantastic.

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