Redacción página 23 y Tower of London ( Ismael Puras Pato)


THE Tower of London

One year ago, I went with four friends on a school trip to London. Before that, we bought a travel guide. We had a lot of travel expenses so we decided TO go to a youth hostel.

We checked in at a nice youth hostel where there were many young people. One day we went to visit the Tower of London where the police arrested me because I forgot my backpack at the entrance and they thought it was a bomb, but everything was solved LATER. While we were watching the Towel, Lucy, a girl we met at the youth hostel came and told us the story of the Tower of London. She said that in the past many people lost their heads there and there was ALSO a zoo with exotic animals. We saw inside the Tower the collection of gems and diamonds.

The next days, we visited Big Ben, Liverpool’s Stadium and  Buckingham Palace. I enjoyed my trip VERY MUCH because the weather was sunny and we met A LOT OF new friends.  

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