Redacción Laura Blázquez

Now, I’m imagining that in ten years old I will be a business person(wovery important.

I would (need words)want invest in a Nissan’s cars factory. (wo)Always it had been my dream.

Invest in a factory is a good investment because (wo)always somebody need a car.

 Persons pass the car’s carnet want (English words needed)a vehicle to drive, because(op) for they,is an illusion start to drive the first times.

On the other hand, Nissan’s vehicles, for me, are the best in the market.

The creators are very creatives.(woAlways take all new models very interesting.

I trust(inf.Regimein be a bussiness person in the future.


WO.- word order

nd.- you need words or these used are not realy English

op.- an object pronoun needed

inf. regime.- you need "to" and the verb "become" for that kind of expresion.




claro, claro.


The capital of France is Paris, France has got the Eifel tower, the Louvre museum AND the cathedral of Chartres.

Paris also is ring the town of love, in Paris, THERE is ALSO Disney that is THE place FOR kids. The tower Eifel too is in Paris AND IT is tall and pretty.

In France you can skiI, walk, buy or know towns. In France IT is very typical ITS cheese and IT IS always cold.

When you go to France no leave visit the see place??????????????

Rovaniemi - Finnish Lapland



Finnis Lapland


Rovaniemi: Feel the Christmas Spirit and meet Santa in Rovaniemi

Meet Santa and his helpers in his official home town Rovaniemi, discover the Sami culture, enjoy the nature around de Arctic circle and take part in all of the adventures, offered in the company of reindeers and Husky dogs.

There are eight different seasons this far north, each having its own type of daylight, temperature and natural phenomena.


Day 1

Private airport transfer.

4 nights in a shared double room or a family cottage. Breakfast and dinner every day.


Day 2

Half-day excursion to meet the reindeers and learn more about Sami culture. We recommended that you include visit to Santa´s Village where every family will have a private chat with Santa Claus and his helper.





Day 3

Half-day excursion to the Husky ranch. Meet the beautiful and lively dogs, who will take you on a safari for about and hour and a half.

Coffee and snack in the Lappish wilderness.



 Day 4


At 8 PM it is time for your Northern lights excursion. You can see the Northern lights on the sky. We go by snow mobile or a sledge driven by a snow mobile.

















The fisrt auropean to GO to actual Toronto, was from France.                     

Toronto was the capial of Canada for a little time.Ottawa there is the capital of Canada since 1896.

The Big Fire of Toronto,in 1904,destroyed a big part OF central city,but there was very fast rebuilT.

Today Toronto is the capital of ONtario,and IT is the bigGest city in Canada.IT is PLACED in THE nothwest OF Lake ONtario.Toronto  is the 3RD biggeST city in Northamerica,and the 21th most poPULATED in the world.ONtario  has ALSO got other name: Golden Horseshoe.

Toronto is the economic capital for Canada and there is one of principal financiAL city in the world.

Toronto is famous for the CN Tower,with 553 m tall.

Toronto has got a good mode of live,and a good mediambiental care.In 2006, Toronto ,was clasificaded loke the mots expensive city in Canada and also there is, whit others cities,the most security city in America.

Finally we can say that Toronto is a very important city and there is ALSO a good place to travel or live.



VisitING London

Four years ago, My friend Carlos and I decided go to visit London for five days. We never had BEEN TO London and we WERE very excited.

We arrived IN London at 7:00 AM, we went to OUR hotel and we slepT FOR two hours AND later we went to visit the tower of London " that’s incredible" I said after we went OUT FOR dinner AT the most famous restaurant IN London. The second day we visited Stamford Bridge, the Chelsea STADIUM AND THEN we went to buy souvenirs and AGAIN BACK to THE hotel.

Next morning we went to visited the London MUseum.  We SPENT THE WHOLE day THERE AND there the most important Pharaohs’ tombs WAS.

The last day we went to the London Internacional Airport to returned to Spain.



Madrid is the capital CITYof Spain, there are MANY people living here. THE most popular monuments are:


Cibeles fountain: Cibeles fountain is in Cibeles ROUND SQUARE, near Buenavista palace. Cibeles fountain was builT in 1782.

It´s big, beautifull and very important.

Puerta de Alcalá/Alcala GATE


Alcala GATE is very big. IT Was builT when Margarita                                                               

Entered in Madrid. Many people visit the monument

Becouse IT is very beautifull.



Madrid is a fantastic city becAuse there are many things to do, many monuments to visit and a football team, Real Madrid.

Tower of London

In June, I went to London with my friends. We wanted to visit the Tower of London and especially to learn English because it is very important to do so.
The first day we visited the Tower of London, that we found very nice, we took many pictures there.
the Tower of London is a complex of buildings, it is within Tower Hamlets, separated from the northern boundary of the city by Tower Hill. It was founded towards the end of 1066 as part of the Norman conquest of England.
The Tower of London has represented a leading role in the history of England.
I love London and the Tower of London, I hope to come back soon.


Paris is the capital of France. Paris is today the third langest city in Europe with a population of 11,836,970 inhabitants.The city is very visit of tourists. 26 million tourists visit Paris every year. Paris has got many monuments for you to visit.Some monuments are:


 The tower has got 300 metres.Its iron structure was designed by Gustave Eiffel.


The Phanteon of París was the first monument of the city.its construction was previous to the Arc of Triomphes and Eiffel Tower,it is the first place from where you can look at París.


The Arc triomphes is next to the Eiffel Tower,it is very representative of Paris.


The National Palace, The Invalids was built in  XVII century as a residence for soldiers. Naoleon's Mausoleo is now place there.



Brazil is a great industrial power as well as sports


-The capital city is Brasilia but the most important city is Rio do Janeiro




-The statue of Cristo Redentor, or Christ of Corcovado is a 30-meter image of Jesus of Nazareth with open arms facing the city and port of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is located 709 meters above sea level in the Tijuca National Park, on top of Corcovado Mountain.

It was inaugurated on October 12, 1931, after about five years of work.





-This is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating cities in Brazil, not only for its colonial past, but for its beautiful beaches and surrounding villages, where time seems to have stopped.

Two years ago, in February 2009, my parents and we thought that this year’s summer vacation could happen in London, UK, and see the city and the famous Tower of London.

In July, we had good weather and When onholidays we went to see the Tower of London.
When we got to London we saw that the weather was not very good, it was late and we were tired so we got to the hotel and crash.?
Next day  a bright sun was shining and it was a good temperature so we went to see the Tower of London.






T h e C l i e n t



A. Choose the correct answer.


1. Mark got out of Romey’s car after a. Romey had killed himself.

b. Romey had drunk too much whisky and fallen asleep.

c. Ricky had run home.


2. Mark told Sergeant Hardy that

a. he and Ricky had found Clifford’s body. b. they had seen Clifford shoot himself.

c. he had spoken to Clifford.


3. Trumann knew that Mark had been in

Clifford’s car because a. Mark admitted it.

b. fingerprints in the car matched Mark’s. c. Reggie gave him that information.


4. To frighten Mark into not talking, Gronke a. arranged for Dianne to lose her job.

b. told Pirini to kill Reggie.

c. threatened to kill Mark, his family and lawyer and then burned the Sways’ trailer.



5. Judge Roosevelt didn’t want Mark to answer his questions until

a. everything was organised for the Witness

Protection Programme.

b. Mark had spent one night at the detention centre.

c. Reggie agreed that he should answer.


6. Mark wanted to find out if Romey had told him the truth so that

a. Reggie could give the information to


b. he could talk to the FBI before going into the Witness Protection Programme.

c. he would know if he had to enter the

Witness Protection Programme or not.


30 points (5 points each)


B. Choose the correct answer.


If Mark Sway hadn’t agreed to show his brother Ricky how to smoke, they (1. wouldn’t have seen /

wouldn’t see) Jerome Clifford trying to kill himself. To try to stop him, Mark (2. pulled out /

locked up) the hose that was bringing gasoline fumes into the car, but Clifford saw him and pushed

him into the car. First Clifford told Mark that he was a (3. threat / lawyer) from New Orleans. Then he told him that his client Barry Muldanno, (4. who / which) was in the Mafia, was responsible for the

(5. murder / news) of a US Senator. Finally, he told Mark where Muldanno (6. has put / had put) the body. While he talked, Clifford drank a lot of whisky, and had difficulty staying (7. awake / pale).

The moment Clifford fell asleep, Mark got (8. from / out of) the car and ran home with Ricky.


Afterwards, Mark became very (9. proud / frightened) that the Mafia would kill him if he told the FBI what he knew, but fortunately, he found Reggie Love’s business card. (10. Otherwise / No longer) he might not have received the advice and help that he (11. has been needing / needed). Reggie always answered his questions quickly and (12. honestly / eventually). In addition, she always (13. reported / assured) him that she would try to protect him as much as possible. However, (14. according to / despite) this, Mark himself made the important decision to look for Boyette’s body – and showed once again how (15. mature / unfair) he was.


45 points (3 points each)


C. Choose one topic and write a paragraph. Your paragraph should be at least 60 words long.

1. Explain how Mark’s early childhood experiences influenced his behaviour throughout the story.


2. Do you agree or disagree with Mark and Dianne’s doubts about the Federal Witness Protection

Programme? Explain your answer.

3. Using examples from the story, explain why Mark and Reggie were very sad when they said goodbye to each other.


25 points




A F T E R  R E A D I N G : E X T R A  C H A L L E N G E S

T h e C l i e n t



M A K E  S T U D E N T S  T H I N K




1. Do you agree with how Mark acted after Romey’s suicide? Write a brief paragraph giving the reasons for your opinion.


2. In what way(s) did Foltrigg’s character influence his approach to the investigation into Clifford’s suicide?


3. Apart from seeing Romey shoot himself, what else do you think contributed to Ricky’s post-traumatic stress disorder?


4. Explain what Dianne was referring to when she told Mark, “We’ve been through worse things together.” (page 24)


5. List at least three reasons why the second article about Mark in the Memphis Press “shocked …

angered and frightened him”. (page 37)


6. Do you think Judge Roosevelt made the correct decision when he decided to put Mark into protective custody? Why / Why not? Explain your reasons in a brief paragraph.


7. Why do you think Mark confided more in Reggie than in his mother?

Two years ago, in February 2009, my parents and I thought that this year summer vacation could happen in London, UK, and see the city and the famous Tower of London.

In July, we had good weather and on holidays we went to see the Tower of London.
When we got to London we saw that the weather was not very good, it was late and we were tired so we got to the hotel and crash.
The next day with a bright sun and  good temperature we went to see the Tower of London.



torre de pisa

torre de pisa

The Tower of Pisa.

Pisa tower is an incredible place and very nice.

This place is in Italy and It has many large bussineses,pizzerias and shopsouvenirs.

In this beautifull place there are several important monuments like famous Piazza dei Miracoli.

Declared world heritage site, and the pulpit by Giovanni Pisano.

Steps in many places of interes such as:

Piazza dei Cavalieri, the church of Santa Maria della Spina, the Wall Todomundo, della’opera the Duomo Museum, and many other places.                                                                                                                                                            Here are some pictures:






Rome is the capital of Italy. Rome has 2.765.230 inhabitans.

In Rome you can visit: the Roman Coliseum, the Vatican City...

The Roman Coliseum: is an amphitheatre of the Roman Empire,the Roman Colusium is one of the most famous monuments of Rome. It was constructed in 70-72 d.c. It can fit 50.000 spectators.



The Vatican City: It occupies 440.000 m2 and is the smallest State of the world.

In Italy also we can visit Venece, Florence, Pisa...

In Pisa we can see the Tower of Pisa: it is the belfry of the Cathedral of Pisa. It was constructed in 1173 and his height is 55,7 meters and weigh 14.700 tons.




                                 NEW YORK
  New York is de most populous city in the United Stated,and the center of the new york metropolitan area,whichs one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world.A leading global city,new york exerts a powerful influence over global comerce Finance,media,calture,art,fashion,research,education,and entertaiment.As hortof the United Nations headquaters,it is also and in portant center for in international affairs.

new york


The place to go to is New York I want to go and see the Statue of Liberty.New York is the most popoular city in the United States and the center of the New York Metropolitan Area is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. New York exerts a significant impact upon global commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education, and entertainment. New York City is located in the Northeastern of the United States, in southeastern New York State, approximately halfway between Washington, D.C. and Boston .The location at the mouth of the Hudson River, which feeds into a naturally sheltered harbor and then into the Atlantic Ocean, has helped the city grow in significance as a trading city. Much of New York is built on the three islands of Manhattan, Staten Island, and Long Island, making land scarce and encouraging a high population density.

New York has architecturally noteworthy buildings in a wide     range of styles and from distinct time periods from the saltbox style Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House in Brooklyn, the oldest section of which dates to 1656, to the modern Freedom Tower, the modern skyscraper currently under construction at the World Trade Center in lower Manhattan.Manhattan’s skyline with its many skyscrapers is universally recognized, and the city has Art Deco been home to several of the tallest buildings in the world.The  style of the Chrysler Building (1930) and Empire State Building (1931), with their tapered tops and steel spires, reflected the zoning requirements.


Statue of Liberty National Monument is a national monument comprising Liberty Island and Ellis Island in New York Harbor. It includes the,Statue of Liberty situated on Liberty Island, and the former immigration depot on Ellis Island. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in 1886. The immigration station at Ellis Island opened in 1892 and closed in 1954.President Calvin Coolidge used his authority under the Antiquities Act to declare the statue a national monument in 1924. In 1937, by proclamation 2250, President Franklin D.Roosevelt  expanded the monument to include all of Bedloe’s Island, and in 1956, an act of Congress officially renamed it Liberty Island. Ellis Island was made part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument by proclamation of President Lyndon Johnson in 1965.

The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. Completed in 1883, it connects the New York City boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn by spanning the East River. With a main span of 1,595.5 feet (486.3 m), it was the longest suspension bridge in the world from its opening until 1903, and the first steel-wire suspension bridge. Originally referred to as the New York and Brooklyn Bridge and as the East River Bridge.

Tower of London

Last year, I decided fly to London for a week. I always wanted to visit this city, museums, streets, people and important places like the London Eye, Westminster Palace, the Royal Botanic GardensKew and most important, The Tower of London.

When I arrived at the hotel it was raining, but I was so excited to see the Tower of London and I took my umbrella and walked out.
The Tower of London is a castle by the river Thames, in the center of London. It is a collection of towers and chapels. I was impressed, it is Beautiful. One woman told me that there they had killed people, and the Queen Elizabeth I, before being queen,was retained in the tower. In the next days I went to London Eye,and  saw all the city from above, It was amazing. I also visited the Royal Botanic Gardens and found it wonderful.

The day came back to Spain, I told myself I would return to London, alone or accompanied. It was really fantastic.


The place is Paris (France) Where it is located north of the Iberian Peninsula.

Facts  about the place Its capital is Paris Tower Stands much Eiffel  is quite high and big city.

The Eiffel tower in Paris Stands is quite high and hasmank plants in plant there are bars and  le sure thingd